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Authentic perfection, fabulously!  Where women and men find tips, tools, and techniques to take control over what they see in the mirror and in their closets. Seminars and workshops in Chicagoland for Closet Cleansing, Body Shape Fits, Color Choices, and more. Whether you are entering the job market, getting back into the dating scene, building your career image, rebuilding your closet after weight loss, needing to get control over your closet, or just wanting a change for the better - Being Me is where you will find yourself.

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You can fit lots more outfits into a small closet if you make sure that your go-to clothes "go with" more items.  Mix & Match!


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Eventbrite - Networking: Showing Up with Style, Presence, & Purpose

Networking: Showing Up with Style, Presence, & Purpose: July 18th, 2014